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   The University of the Sacred Heart bases its educational principles on the spirit of Madeleine Sophie Barat who founded the first Sacred Heart School in France in 1801. This educational philosophy aims at learning from the Heart of Christ that unique love which he shows to each person. Inspired by this love, students will seriously pursue the studies which they have chosen, and will deepen their involvement with the world as a result of their learning. This energizing power (called the "spirit of the Sacred Heart") is common to all Sacred Heart Schools throughout the world.

   The following educational principles serve to guide present and future decisions and actions concerning the education offered at the University of the Sacred Heart:

The University aims to develop in its students, through their quest for higher learning and specialization,
-- the creativity that opens up new vision,
-- the power of critical thinking,
-- the ability to become fully educated, well-rounded human beings.

The University aims to foster in its students a sense of their own identity and, at the same time, a global awareness that will enable them to become involved in important events and issues with a broad perspective, sensitivity, flexibility, and the practical ability to put their awareness into action.

The University aims to develop in its students powers of thinking and sound judgment that will enable them to respond to a rapidly changing world and equip them with the verbal and intellectual abilities necessary to be deeply engaged, not only in the world of today, but also in shaping the future.

   In order to realize these objectives, the University -- faculty, staff, students and alumnae -- are all joined inspirit, forming the Sacred Heart Educational Community. The administration, faculty, and staff endeavor to promote and develop high standards of research and learning. Students and alumnae, by making use of the education they have received and the Sacred Heart spirit fostered during their student life, endeavor to contribute to society in responsible and positive ways both locally and globally.