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   The Institute for Research on Christian Culture was established in 1957 to conduct integrated research on Christian culture and thought. The current research theme is "In Search of a New Concept of the Human Being," and involves interdisciplinary team research from a global point of view. The major activities of the Institute include study meetings whose themes are based on joint and/or individual study, symposiums and seminars, and various publications.


Academic Journal: Religion and Culture (Vol. 1-33)

Serial publications: Religion and Civilization (Vol. 1-5)
Women and Religion (1978)
Christianity and Cultural Milieu (1979)
Issues of God in Literature (1981)
Religions of the Contemporary World (1984)
Women and Civilization (1986)

Serial Publications: Studies on Religion and Civilization (Vol. 1-6)
Pilgrimage and Civilization (1987)
Dialogue on African Civilizations (1990)
Eastern Europe and Russia - Encounters of Civilizations (1994)
Christianity in the Age of Globalization - How to Transform Itself for the Coming Millenium (1998)
Possibility of Religious Literature (2001)
The Way of Living Together in Harmony and Peace (2006)

Searching for a New Image of Human Being -- In the Conflict Between the Virtual and Real(2009)
Is Education Possible without Religion? (2013)

The History of the Institute for Research on Christian Culture, 1957-2006 (2006)
Bulletin: Seishin Forum 2011 (2012)


ADACHI, Mami : Early Modern English Literature
DOKE, Hiroichiro : English Literature
ENDO, Toru : Philosophy, Ethics
HARAOKA, Fumiko : Ancient Japanese Literature
HORIE, Norichika : Comparative Cultures, Study of Religion
INDE, Tadao : European Medieval History, Christian History, Social History
KAMIISHI, Manabu : Aesthetics, Philosophy of Arts
KATO, Kazuya : Ethics, Medieval Christian Thought
KATO, Shinro : Patristic Philosophy, Greek Philosophy
MASUDA, Sanae : Biblical Study
MORIMURA, Nobuko : Study of Religion, Biblical Study (Old Testament)
OGAWA, Sayuri : Comparative Culture, History of Ideological Interchange
NAGANO, Mika : History of Japanese Ethical Thought
SUZUKI, Hideko : Modern Japanese Literature
TOMIHARA, Mayumi : French Philosophy
YAMADA, Yuki : British and American Poetry
YAMADA, Shotaro : Patristics, Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, Religious Studies
YAMAZAKI, Minako : Modern Japanese History
YOSHIZAWA, Goro : Medieval History of European Culture, Comparative Civilizations