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Job Information
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Career Guidance Center
   The Center supports students who seek jobs in corporations and public offices (to become civil servants), and as teachers, or those who wish to go on to graduate schools or vocational colleges.
   The Center believes in guiding the student to find the job that best suits her.
   The Center emphasizes self-evaluation by the students in order for them to better understand their own competencies, characters, and factors affecting their career paths.
   The Center provides job guidance sessions with students to participate in various seminars.
   Professional career counselors offer personal advice to students as well.

Part-time Jobs
   Part-time jobs that are judged suitable are presented to students if it is determined that the job will not interfere with studies or endanger health.

   Types of jobs include: tutors, teachers at "Jyuku" (preparatory schools which provide courses for the subjects given in entrance examinations), receptionists at international conferences, assistants editors, office workers, etc.

   First-year students are introduced to jobs only after the first semester in order to give them time to get acquainted with university life.