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4-3-1 Hiroo Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan 150-8938

University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo.
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   The 300-seat multi-purpose hall is located on the ground floor of Building 3. The building was constructed in September 1998 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the university.
   Above Miyashiro Hall is an open terrace, which commands a good view of the metropolis, including the Tokyo Tower.
   Built in 1958, the chapel accommodates 700 worshippers and celebrants. The choir usually stands in the secondfloor gallery.
The chapel accommodates students for various purposes including mass for enrollment and commencement ceremony, students' mass, daily morning mass, and Christmas concerts. The chapel also warmly welcomes back alumnae for various purposes.
   The Multimedia Center for Active Learning (MCAL) is the university’s multimedia facility to assist students in their autonomous study using multi-media, as well as develop their information literacy skills. MCAL consists of several multi-functional rooms that cater to students’ various needs including self-study classes in foreign language learning. These rooms are used to conduct regular classes which help enhance the students’ language learning and promote their media-oriented presentation skills and other computer-related skills. In addition, MCAL provides a computer room where students have free access to PCs. Printing service is also available for a fee.
   The University Library is the center of academic information. The library holdings cover many areas of knowledge. The holdings are particularly strong in the areas of the Humanities with outstanding collections of books in English. It is possible for users to study in the stacks and reading rooms with direct access to all library holdings.
   The library system has been computerized for search and circulation procedures. Information is available to faculty and students on internet sites and CDROMs. The library offers quick and varied services to users.
Athletic Facilities
   As athletic facilities, there is a gymnasium, five tennis courts and a golf practice range. The tennis courts are all-weather/artificial grass with sand and the outdoor golf practice range is located on the roof of the gymnasium. These facilities are equipped with nighttime lighting.
   These facilities are actively used in physical education classes and students' extracurricular activities, and for other recreational purposes.
Marian Hall
   The hall was named in honor of the year of Virgin Mary (completed in 1954).
   The two-story building with a total floor space of about 1,993 square meters consists of meeting and reception rooms called the parlor on the ground floor, and a large lecture hall with a seating capacity of 1,000 on the second floor. The large lecture hall is widely used for the enrollment ceremony and the commencement ceremony, school events and general lectures for the first-year students.
   The engraved Latin words on the facade of the building says, "STVDIORVM VNIVERSITAS SACRETISSIMI CORDIS" which means the University of the Sacred Heart.