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Madeleine Sophie Center
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Please come and visit us!

What is the Madeleine-Sophie Center?
    Our Center is named after Madeleine-Sophie Barat, the foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart. It is dedicated to support the students who are trying to actively carry out the "Sacred-Heart Spirit". Please visit us!
    Madeleine-Sophie Center is divided into two sections.

1. Volunteer Room ~A Resource Center for Volunteer Service Activities~
    Our Center helps those students who are seeking for a social mission in their life, and provides opportunities for these students to carry out their mission continuously defined by the spirit of Kyo-Sei (a symbiosis relationship). We carry information on volunteer service activities which are sent daily from official organizations and NPO/NGOs. Everyone is welcome to come and take a look at these bulletins and participate in any of these activities. For the registered students, we automatically provide newly-arrived information.
    Also, the University of the Sacred Heart has many organizations for social service activities, ranging from organizations concerned with global issues such as refugee problems, environmental problems, trade imbalance, and to those related with local issues such as local community problems, communication with handicapped people through sign languages & brailed transcription, and education-related problems. All of these organizations play an active part in their respective field, and it is one of the Center's important tasks to assist these activities.

Chief Activities

>> We provide information about volunteer activities and their consultation.
>> We provide information about NPO/NGOs.
>> We plan and carry out events and workshops about such global issues as, environmental problems and support physically challenge handicapped individuals.
>> Projects within the cafeteria “TABLE FOR TWO”
    The TABLE FOR TWO menus offered at the cafeteria donate 20 Yen per meal to support school lunches in developing countries.

2. Catholic Room ~An Opportunity to Encounter the Sacred Heart of Jesus~

    The University of the Sacred Heart was founded as the faith community centered on the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we provide wide opportunities for those students who wish to better know the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to live according to His Heart. Our Center introduces students to many activities in our campus such as Bible Study Groups, prayer meetings, and retreats. If a student is interested in receiving baptism, we spend time preparing her for it. Also, with the students, we prepare for Mass to celebrate the start of each school year, and weekly mass which is celebrated throughout the school year.
    Everyone living in this contemporary society of turbulence needs a quiet moment before God and to confront herself, so that she can live a life filled with love without losing the essential part of her soul and mind.

Chief Activities

>> Students' Mass.
    The Center makes arrangements to have Mass for students every Thursday 12:15 pm at the chapel.
>> Bible Circle, retreat and prayer meetings. The Center prepares and makes arrangements for these activities.
>> Preparation for baptism.
>> ASEACCU(The Association for Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities)
    *The Center supports students who participate in the ASEACCU Students' International Conferences.