Alternative Education / Holistic Education


Interestingly, there are people who distance themselves drop out from the mainstream of public education or remain as part of the mainstream but continue participating in educational innovation that emphasize a freer environment.

These people place value on children’s “here and now,” their inner life force, and the opportunity for these breathing children to sing, act, and express themselves.

For the past ten years or so, I have viewed schools employing this sort of approach as “alternative schools” and have visited such schools in various countries. An “earth school” which villagers in Bolivia made themselves, a free school in Thailand for orphans, a Steiner/Waldorf school in Australia, a learning center based in a bicycle shop in the United States, the “Humanitarian School” in Russia which places a high value on connections with ancestors….

While they may be small, in every region alternative schools exist that have messages that can impact the world.

For an international comparative study on alternative education, please read following books written by the author.

Alternative Education: Global Perspectives Relevant to the Asia-Pacific Region