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   The Graduate School offers opportunities for specialized academic research to students with outstanding abilities and the intention of becoming either scholars in special fields of study or specialists in highly professional careers.

   These programs aim to develop students' academic knowledge and research methods at the graduate level, broadening the foundations of general and specialized learning acquired at the undergraduate level.

   Six Master of Arts programs and three Doctor of Philosophy programs are offered. Each program provides an independent and distinctive curriculum.
These programs and the number of students admitted are:

   Research rooms and libraries for the exclusive use of graduate students are available in each program.


Degree Requirements
   In order to be awarded the Master of Arts degree, a minimum of 30 credits must be acquired in a time period of not less than two years and not more than four years. The Doctor of Philosophy degree requires a minimum of 10 credits and doctoral students need to spend at least three years and not exceeding six years in the doctoral program. In addition, the student must present a thesis of original content demonstrating scholarly research work on a specialized theme. This thesis must be accepted by the faculty of the Graduate School. Either a written comprehensive or oral examination including a defense of the thesis is required.

   The Doctor of Philosophy degree will be awarded when a doctoral student has obtained 10 credits or more in a time period of not less than three years and not more than six years. The presentation of a thesis on a specialized theme based on original study and research work is also required. The acceptance of the thesis by the Faculty of the Graduate School and the success in either a written comprehensive or oral examination are necessary for the degree. All requirements must be completed within six years.

Intercollegiate Auditors' Program
   In order to expand the opportunity to attend lectures and participate in academic activities at other universities, the University of the Sacred Heart has agreements with several universities in the Tokyo metropolitan area. With the approval of the department chairperson, students may attend lectures at those universities and thus benefit from further academic and personal exchange. A maximum of 10 credits from those universities may be applied toward the number of credits required for the Master of Arts degree.

International Exchange Program
   One of the main goals of the University has always been an openness to international exchange. This program is designed to promote the exchange of students, professors, and scholars with universities and research institutions abroad. After obtaining credits in a graduate program at a foreign university, a student can return to the University of the Sacred Heart to do research under the guidance of a professor. A maximum of 10 credits earned abroad may be applied to the number required for the Master of Arts degree. The student may study up to one year abroad.

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