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Master of Arts in
(Psychology and Education)
Master of Arts:     English Language and Literature   Japanese Language and Literature   History   Socio-Cultural Studies   Philosophy   Human Sciences (Psychology and Education)
Doctor of Philosophy:     Humanities   Socio-Cultural Studies   Human Sciences (Psychology and Education)

   This course offers four special programs:
   Developmental Psychology (mechanisms of lifespan development); Clinical Psychology (mental disorders and intervention); Cognitive Psychology (cognitive mental processes); and Educational Research (studies on education practice, lifelong learning and international education).
   Students choose one of the four programs and they are also encouraged to acquire basic knowledge about philosophy, neuroscience, and biology to supplement their studies in their chosen area.


Auditory and Visual Information Processing Psychology
NAGAI, Jun-ichi (Associate Professor):
   Visual Cognition
TAKAHASHI, Masanobu (Professor) :
   The Mechanism of Human Learning and Memory

Developmental Psychology
KAWAKAMI, Kiyobumi (Professor) :
   Infant Development; Infant Stress
KISHIMOTO, Takeshi (Associate Professor) :
   Cognitive development; Communication before language

Clinical Psychology
KOUZAKI, Yuuko (Lecturer):
   Psychology of Aging / Clinical Psychology
MUKAI, Takayo (Professor):
   Development during Puberty and Adolescence; Developmental Psychopathology
SASAKI, Masahiro (Professor):
   Clinical Psychology; Psychology of Loss
SHIBATA, Reiko (Associate Professor) :
   Clinical Psychology; Children's development, adjustment, and their support

Educational Research
IMAGAWA, Kyoko (Professor):
   Music Education, Musicology
KAWABE, Takako (Professor) :
   Early Childhood Education
KINOSHITA, Hisashi (Professor) :
   Primary Education; Japanese Language Teaching, Curriculum, Material
KITAMURA, Kazuo (Professor) :
   History of Education, focusing on Japanese Traditional Character Building and Liberal Educational Innovation
MIZUSHIMA, Naoki (Professor) :
   Art Education, Curriculum Development of "Art & Craft"
NAGATA, Yoshiyuki (Professor):
   Sociology of Education; Education for International Understanding and Development; International Cooperation in Education; Education for Sustainable Development
NISHIHARA, Naoe (Lecturer) :
   Theory of Life Education, Human Environment System
SAWANO, Yukiko (Professor) :
   Comparative Education, Theory of Lifelong Learning Systems
SUGIHARA, Masaaki (Associate Professor) :
   Educational Methods; Theory of teaching and learning
TAKADA, Yumi (Professor) :
   Dance; Body, Communication, Pilates Method of Body Conditioning
UEDA, Seiji (Professor):
   School Health Education, School Health Programme

Foundations of Human Sciences
TAKAHASHI, Masanobu (Professor) :
   The Mechanism in Human Learning and Memory

   In addition to these faculty members, part-time lecturers offer a variety of lectures and advanced tutorials.

   On the entrance examination for the Master of Arts in Human Sciences program applicants are asked to choose psychology, clinical psychology, or education as an area of study. The area of Clinical Psychology is one of the specialized areas of graduate study certified by the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologist, Inc. (JCBCP). Students who graduate with a specialization in Clinical Psychology are qualified to apply for a license from the JCBCP, after fulfilling a one-year practicum.