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   Miyashiro-Kai, established in 1951, is the Alumnae Association of the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan. With the alumnae of its predecessor (Sophia-Kai, which merged with Miyashiro-Kai in 1995), the number of Miyashiro-Kai alumnae totals about 25,000. Miyashiro-Kaikan, the alumnae building which houses the administrative office and multi-purpose facilities, is located on the University campus.

   The activities of the Miyashiro-kai are threefold:
   (1) To facilitate communication among the alumnae members.
   (2) To support the various functions of the Alma Mater.
   (3) To conduct social welfare services.
   These activities involve the Association in compiling the alumnae bulletin and journal publications, and in organizing workshops of cultural, social and academic interest.
   Scholarships for both graduates and undergraduates are granted.
   All these activities are being carried out under the broad network of 12 affiliate associations within Japan and affiliate associations abroad.
   Annual events of the Association are Workshops, Homecoming Day, Memorial Mass, and a General Meeting. The association also runs a small shop on the campus for the students' convenience. Another scholarship for alumnae members trying to further their education and research in different institutions has been launched.

   Miyashiro-Kai is one of the eight Sacred Heart alumnae associations within Japan which constitute the Japan Alumnae Association of the Sacred Heart (JASH). JASH, in turn, is represented in the World Association of Alumnae of the Sacred Heart (AMASC which involves over all Sacred Heart alumnae from 35 nations.

   Every four years, AMASC holds a General Meeting during which participants discuss issues of international concern and arrive at resolutions reflecting the spirit of the Sacred Heart: cooperation and understanding for global peace.

For notification of address changes and information about Miyashiro-Kai activities, contact Miyashiro-Kaikan:
Tel: 03-3407-1971
Fax: 03-3407-1846
Hours: Mon. - Sat., 10:00AM - 4:00PM


[ Domestic ]
Hokkaido Touhoku Hokuriku
Gunma Chiba Shonan
Shizuoka Tokai Kansai
Chugoku Shikoku Kyusyu/Yamaguchi

[ Overseas ]
South California Washington D.C. Singapore
South Korea Chicago

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