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The University Library is the center of academic information. The library holdings cover many areas of knowledge. The holdings are particularly strong in the areas of the Humanities with outstanding collections of books in English. It is possible for users to study in the stacks and reading rooms with direct access to all library holdings.
The library system has been computerized for search and circulation procedures. Information is available to faculty and students on internet sites, DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs. The library offers quick and varied services to users.

Institute for Research on Christian Culture

The Institute for Research on Christian Culture was established in 1975 to conduct integrated research on Christian culture, thought and history. The major activities are conducting joint research projects by researchers in and outside the university, holding symposiums and seminars for students and the public, and working on various publications.

Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures (SHISF)

The Sacred Heart Institute for Sustainable Futures (SHISF) conducts education, research and social activities through interaction and mutual cooperation, based on the educational philosophy of the University. As human beings who share this earth, we look at the region, and the world at large, and interact with people, with the aim of realizing a sustainable and peaceful world.
The institute supports vital research and education, as a way to foster humans with a broad perspective, sensitivity and flexibility, by focusing on the teaching and practice of critical and practical thought. More specifically, the institute aims to engage people to “encounter, question, and take action.”